Everything Everywhere All At Once just swept the Oscars

Fun side story: I knew that Jeff Cohen (former child actor who played Chunk in The Goonies) became an entertainment attorney whose clients included his “Goonies Brother” Ke Huy Quan, but TIL that Cohen handled Quan’s contract for Everything Everywhere All At Once.


The Boy, the Fox, etc. was so bad. We were literally squirming in our seats praying for it to end. The dialogue seemed to be entirely made up of quotes from inspirational throw pillows. And all of the other animated shorts were truly brilliant.


I vote British. I mean, Hugh Grant probably did have on his own tux and it was likely made by a tailor on Saville Row, so his answer is unsurprising.

I don’t watch these shows anymore, mostly due to the inane “red carpet” chit chat that always seems forced.


IKR??? Here are some other reviews (from IMDb) maybe to make you feel better.

“At my most charitable it is like a Socratic dialogue acted out by souls lost in purgatory.”
“I was braced to be told I must ‘live my truth’, though fortunately it didn’t get that far.”
“It is a perfect example of someone forgetting the literary rule of “show don’t tell”. This is ALL tell.”
“I’m not kidding – I fed the premise into ChatGPT and it reproduced two lines from the script, exactly!”
“They are all undergraduate psychology majors who actually wanted to study astrology.”
“Maybe turn this film into a drinking game, and you’ll have more fun.”
“It reminded me of an ad for pharmaceuticals.”
“There was a six year old in front of us at the theater who said, about 2/3 of the way through, “this is dumb! Why isn’t he cold? What does he eat?” and the rest of the audience hooted appreciatively.”

Here’s what one should watch instead:


The fact that the child did not die of hypothermia, as any child would under the circumstances, was really disappointing. The thing is, I thought the drawing was pretty fantastic, and the sound was also lovely. For the first, I don’t know, 2 minutes, I was totally expecting to love it, because all of the other animated shorts were so great.


I’ve never liked Hugh Grant until just now. This quote from your link sums it up for me:

this is how it feels like to be British and confronted by absurdly enthusiastic American extroverts

It’s why I don’t watch award shows like that. I don’t care what designer made the clothing, or who loaned the jewelry, etc. I don’t want a personal sound bite from dozens of actors who make their living speaking other people’s words. It’s all so exhausting.




Jamie Lee Curtis is a fucking national treasure and we need to continue to work to ensure that we deserve her! I mean, we mutants are, but everyone everywhere should be working on this, all at once.

“The TOTALLY unexpected EVERYTHING TRIFECTA of 2023!”


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