Prepare for the Oscars with this Honest Trailers catch-up

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Hmm - of the 8 on the cover image of the video, I’ve seen only 2, and 2 others I have heard of and not seen.

Get Out was great IF you didn’t have it spoiled by the trailer. Don’t watch the trailers, just watch the film (you can see the ORIGINAL first trailer, but the later ones show too much IMHO). It was wonderful. It subverts your expectations in a delightful Twighlight Zone-esque way.

The Shape of Water was wonderfully weird. Del Toro brings to life another creature - but the real monster is man. Co-Starring the dad from Step Brothers! And Starring the mom from Paddington and the guy who played Abe Sapian in Hellboy (basically reprising the role.) Oh, and the master vampire in Forever Knight has a part! And Octavia Spencer does a great supporting role, literally speaking for the main character.

Anyway, first off the visuals were fantastic - love the palette choice and the scenes and props take you right back to the era (including the problematic attitudes of the time). But this is more of a drama than your typical monster action flick.

I would like to see Dunkirk and 3 Billboards, but the others I am not familiar with at all.


I saw Lady Bird, that’s it. And, yes, that “Crash” song sucks and, yes, that is basically the worst thing you can say about the movie, because it was an awesome movie. Fuck Hootie and the Blowfish. Or Dave Matthews? Anyway, all that shit was for frat people and I agree it was really off-key to see LB liking it. Ultimately not a big deal, though.
Anything I know about the other nominees is mostly from watching this video. Did not know that Sam Rockwell (and was that Holly Hunter?) was in 3 Billboards, gonna have to stream that one at some point.


At least someone in this benighted world has their priorities straight!

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