Evil mirror universe


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So, it’s settled: we’re the evil versions of ourselves from the mirror universe.

What makes more sense now that you know this?




If I’m the evil cleveremi, the good one must be the most milquetoast goody-2-shoes boring bitch ever.

But, in this light, it makes last weekend’s (extremely stupid) argument with my SO less confusing. Did we swap universes, perhaps?


Is it possible for a Nonentity to be evil? Or do I just not exist in either universe?

*vanishes in a puff of logic*


In the “good” universe, is Trump a respected pop culture figure, who’s a fantastic businessperson, smart individual, and generally viewed with optimism? Because that would make sense, but it does make me sad.


I suppose it explains why the line “you’re never more than ten feet from a spider” actually makes me feel better about my surroundings.


Donald Trump is the anti-Neil deGrasse Tyson?



I was wondering about this earlier today after seeing the photo of @LDoBe and @SlyBevel together. How many commenters here have darkest timeline facial hair? (I do).

Which Spock are you?

No, this is the evil universe where there are people who actually see him as a fantastic businessperson and a smart individual.


After mine.

I hear mine flouts regulations because he’s a “Free Spirit.”

Rule-breaking freak.


The Good Universe needs more good old-fashioned evil Discipline.


I was torn between the two musical-instrument-Spocks. The one, where’s he’s playing a traditional stringed instrument; and the other, where he can’t be bothered to give two f**ks about getting the cat-gut outside of the cat, first.

That’s just plain badass, right there.

Any more evil, and he’d be playing a hurdy-gurdy, or Rackett.


Why does EVERYONE want to be the Spock with cat!? I want to be the Spock with cat, ME!!! I’ll cut someone!!!


I prefer to be raised eyebrow Spock.


I’ll allow it!


I’m… really not sure what to think about having so many likes on reasoning myself out of existence.

You guys really are evil. :smile:



Two more reasons I know I’m evil mirror universe me:

  • I’m planning to build a time machine simply for the purpose of going back in time and sabotaging my efforts to build a time machine.

  • I enjoy laughing maniacally.


I don’t; I’m 1920’s ‘Gangster Spock.’



The scary thing is Garrik mirror or regular has crossed the line so many times back and forth we wouldn’t be able to tell which is which.