Ewok haters! See this guy's awesome diorama and beg for forgiveness

It was a spelling error. I was using my phone, and I’ve had a few drinks, so I didn’t notice the error caused by tapping on the word predictions without paying enough attention to exactly what word was suggested. “fist” and “first” look pretty similar when you have to expend conscious effort to focus your eyeballs.

I know. It totally steals the spotlight from National Devilled Egg Day .


Devilled Ewok. Served in its own leather hat. Delicious.


Sorry I forgot to add a :wink: to the end of my post.

I want to see your Dagobah!


I enjoyed creating the display and writing the blog more than I thought I would too. :wink: Glad you enjoyed!


It’s definitely cool to hate Ewoks. #followtheherd :wink:


It was going to be in an aquarium with sand and rocks. I also found some dangly earrings that I thought would make funky bushes, and some other costume jewelry I was going to disassemble and use for accents.

I hadn’t thought about it in years. Now I’m sad it never went past the planning stage.

As a friend of Zack Giallongo you can answer a burning (pun intended) question: what do Ewoks smoke? I’m surprised there’s a smoking Ewok in Shadows of Endor. I thought the smoking Ewok in Return of the Jedi was one of the things that dated it.

My favorite moment in all the Star Wars mythos is when C-3PO and the Ewoks are sitting around the campfire, and the droid is telling the story of Luke and Darth along with sound effects.

For me, it was the moment when the movies transcended entertainment, and became myth. So meta.


Good question. You can ask Zack directly on his official Facebook page.

I always thought RotJ would have been better had hundreds of thousands of Ewoks died during the revolt. It would have made their contribution to the battle more meaningful, though perhaps the end scene would have needed to be a bit more somber. But my main point is hundreds of thousands of dead Ewoks.

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