'Excellent Horse-Like Lady,' posthumous viral hit by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's executed ex-girlfriend


Holy hell North Korea sucks.

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“A Girl In The Saddle Of A Steed” has much more amusing connotations.

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Although there is an off-chance that little Kim will also take out Rodman for us.

I couldn’t follow this episode of “How It’s Made” at all.


There’s apparently some reason to believe that Jong-un’s wife was upset about his relationship with the singer, and that the executions were ordered to make her happy.

On the other hand, his willingness to execute a (former?) lover would also serve as a fairly effective way to remind his wife (any anyone else he’s currently sleeping with) to do exactly as he says…

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Would My Lovely Horse be a better translation?

Sure, but it wouldn’t be funny to us Americans who require racist pidgin english mockery, in order to feel good about ourselves.

Wouldn’t “murdered” be a more accurate adjective than “executed”?

I’m relieved. I thought it was going to be one of those dumb Camilla jokes. (Ducking and running.)

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