North Korean minister reportedly executed after falling asleep in meeting


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That’ll wake the others up!


I’d want some clarification on what constitutes “bad posture.”


There ain’t no Party like a PyongYang party cause a PyongYang party is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY.


Sometimes a meeting is just so bad that execution would be a mercy killing.


And here you can see on slide 267 of PowerPoint deck 2 …


Looks to me like the dear respected leader has his own problem of “bad sitting posture”. That is not how you sit in a ski lift :smile:



Uhhhmm… you be the first to tell him.


Plus he ate Kim Jong-Un’s bear claw.


Is this just the sequel to the uncle who got fed to the dogs, only to turn up safe and sound a month later?


Hey, quit it—you could be giving my boss ideas.


Acts 20:9.


North Korean Firing Squads are the best firing squads.


Apparently, ol’ Kim loves him some outside the box thinking when it comes to murdering drowsy party toadies purging political dissenters:

“Anti-Aircraft gun or mortar round? Only your family (who’s being forced to watch before being shipped off to labor camps) will really care.”

Someone should let this guy know what a paradise N Korea is:


Christ, I wouldn’t last a week


North Korean minister reportedly executed after falling asleep in meeting

Oh, we have that rule at my place of employment too.


Death by firing squad. Sounds like content for the now-appropriately named “Manbang” channel.


If only there was some kind of 80x strength coffee people could drink so that they could enjoy caffeine psychosis instead of falling asleep during meetings…


At least they don’t have any light pollution.