Excellent reenactment of infamous Bath & Body Works Rant


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You see the trouble with us Midwesterners is that it gets very cold and it snows a lot in the winter. We’re stuck inside too much, we get cabin fever.

It can make a person do crazzzy things.

Like fixate neurotically over scented candles.


Talk about “first world problems”! Further evidence that scented candles are evil.


To be fair the Fox Valley Mall is situated on Dante’s 4th level of Hell


At least she can take some comfort in her belief that “Jen” is going to be “reamed”. And “Jen” can take comfort in knowing that the district manager probably won’t even hear about this.


My God, the entitlement. Has this woman never shopped somewhere before to know how sometimes these things happen? The manager apologized. Just because someone screwed up and told you something was in stock when it wasn’t doesn’t mean you automatically get free items. And even if the manager had the power to give out a free item, would you to someone who was acting the way she was?

Swearing at employees won’t help either. Neither will the original YouTube video.


i’m pretty sure the “customer” is the “i love cats” lady.

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This was wonderful. Going to search for more now… ???

Shhh! You are going to ruin the fun for the rest of us!


You have provided the kindest spin on that 6-minute whine imaginable. I commend you for your common decency!

I’m struck by the fact that she drove there from OshKosh despite having no other business to do in Appleton, and was willing to drive to any of the other larger cities in that part of the state…those two candles were that high on her priority list. Seems like she has too much time on her hands and needs some real responsibility in life.

But maybe it’s the cabin fever, like you said. Maybe.

The horror! The horror!

We have all been there - got crappy treatment from some poor low-wage retail stiff. But we haven’t all spent a half-hour arguing with them. And we haven’t all reported our experience on YouTube. And we haven’t all actually called that district manager - but I betcha Angela really called.

I’m going with the cabin fever hypothesis.


0:45 and I couldn’t stand it any more. Someone give her an I’m-like-ectomy.


The Violent Femmes’ song about her experience is one of my faves:

Well, I'm a-thinkin' and thinkin', 'til there's nothin' I ain't thunk Breathing in the stink 'til finally I stunk It was at that time, I swear I needed some cologne I started making plans to drive to Appleton I started making plans to drive to Appleton1 I gave her a push, I gave her a shove I pushed with all my might, I pushed with all my love I threw that bitch Jen into a bottomless pit She was screaming as she fell, but I never heard her hit She was screaming as she fell, but I never heard her hit

1pronounced Appletuhn


Great “Drunk History”-style treatment.

“… my peach bellini…”

That was pretty great.

I’m not sure which aspect is more irritating; the niche obsession/outrage, or the complete lack of understanding of how airquotes work.

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I think most of us with a history of customer-facing, retail type work have met this person. They’re just awful.

But as I watched, and laughed, it struck me that we are all this person to someone else at some point. Granted, most of us don’t flip the eff out over effin’ candles. But still; worth considering. May candle-rant lady be a guidepost for us all.

Disclosure: I was tagging along with my girlfriend, as she looked at condos earlier this year. The person showing one of the places had left a scented candle for our …enjoyment. It was called “Buttered Baguette.” And, I tell you, it was disturbingly accurate. I can kind of see how someone might get a bit over-involved in a candle subculture, now that I think on it.


That’s just teasing. Why irritate myself and be hungry when all that’s available is a smelly lump of wax?

If I wanna smell blueberries, I’ll buy some damn blueberries. If I’m hankering for a baguette, I’ll go to the grocery store. Most of the time, scented candles don’t smell anything like they’re supposed to be immitating, and when they do, it’s just an overwhelming gasbomb of the stuff.

But that’s just me. I’ve got an abnormally sensitive nose, and strong fruity smells like scented candles or strong perfumes/colognes/the canned nasalrape that is body spray, often trigger migraines for me.

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I also have fairly sensitive smelling/tasting senses; I prefer my living spaces free of potpourri, incense, and perfumes. And I’m in agreement that scented candles, historically, have tended toward being sickening mockeries of whatever they are trying to emulate.

All that aside, though, I seriously went back to sniff that thing like, five times.

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Y’know, I’m thinking, if it really is that verisimilitudinous, I wouldn’t mind the house smelling like turkey gravy, or buttered baguette.

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