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Sad Oligarch is a modern true crime style investigative podcast series that looks into the many Russian oligarch deaths of 2022, unravelling a dark tale of Kremlin corruption and Russian political influence across the world.

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… narrated by Martha Wash herself


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Where There’s Woke

Every single time the right, or even center-left, goes ballistic over a “woke” controversy, the slightest bit of investigation shows the scandal is almost entirely bogus. This is not a new phenomenon; it dates back decades. It’s an intentional tool used to protect the powerful and preserve the status quo, while further scapegoating and otherizing those who push for political progress. This podcast digs into not just today’s fake scandals, but those of yesterday and yesteryear. The terminology has changed some, but the pattern has not. Listen in as host Thomas Smith shines a light on the panic, the fragility, the overreaction, and the lying that ignites ‘Where There’s Woke.’

Can’t find a website for this show.

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Comedians Brockway and Seanbaby are joined by author Jason Pargin [David Wong] for the only Mountain Monsters podcast officially endorsed by bigfeet.


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I’m down with a cold and found some time to listen to podcasts. The Economist has some interesting recent episodes of Babbage on AI out there. I would rate them 6 out of 10, but can recommend them for a commute or housework chores.

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BBC Sounds reminded me I need to check if there’s a new series of Mark Steel’s in Town. He picks a town, interviews locals and historians and then does a stand-up set to locals.

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Looks like the perfect companion to Weird House Cinema. I’m in.

Oh, neat! Thanks!

A friend of mine wrote this week’s episode of the one I linked to! And did the music!

I used to listen this guys podcast in 00’s. AFAIK this one is popular. It has over 300 episodes…

New True Crime Podcast, “Peter and the Acid King” – the True Story of the Unsolved Death of Punk Icon Peter Ivers

iHeartPodcasts and Imagine Audio today debuted “Peter and the Acid King,” a punk true-crime podcast that takes listeners on a deep dive through the grimy, chaotic world of the Los Angeles punk scene in the early ’80s and the brutal murder of New Wave Theater TV host Peter Ivers, the dynamic performer and artist known for bringing punk rock to TV. Created by Alan Sacks (Du-Beat-E-O, Thrashin, Welcome Back Kotter) and narrated by punk historian and esteemed director Penelope Spheeris (The Decline of Western Civilization, Wayne’s World). Featured guests include Jello Biafra, Mark Mothersbaugh, Tequila Mockingbird, and Ron Howard. In episode one, now live, listeners will get to know Peter and his rise through LA’s punk and new wave scenes, and learn about Spheeris and Sacks’ personal connections to his story. Produced by Imagine Audio with producers from Awfully Nice, Shout! Studios and Alan Sacks Productions.

All Bards Are Bastards: A Cop Rock Podcast by Gamefully Unemployed

Presented by Matt Smith, in this first episode of ABAB our hosts Tom and Dave make a shocking discovery about the tone and quality of Cop Rock.

Cop Rock episodes “Pilot” & “Ill-Gotten Gaines”.

Presented by Matt Smith, in the second episode of ABAB our hosts Tom and Dave continue to be shocked by this oddly progressive 90s cop show as it expands its commentary.

Cop Rock episodes “Happy Mudder’s Day” & “A Three-Corpse Meal”.

Presented by Matt Smith, in the third episode of ABAB our hosts Tom and Dave discuss the many systematic problems of today that Cop Rock amazingly points out.

Cop Rock episodes “The Cocaine Mutiny” & “Oil of Ol’ Lay”.

Presented by Matt Smith, in this fourth episode our hosts continue to be amazed by a show now diving deep into systemic racism and homophobia.

Cop Rock episodes “Cop-a-Feeliac” and “Potts Don’t Fail Me Now”.

Presented by Matt Smith, in this fifth episode, our hosts start to feel the pain of watching the series near an end.

Cop Rock episodes “Marital Blitz” and “No Noose Is Good Noose”.

Presented by Matt Smith, in the FINAL episode our hosts look back on a surprisingly good season of television.

Cop Rock episode “Bang The Potts Slowly”

Most likely not that Matt Smith.

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I dunno, I don’t think Randy Newman is recording themes for just any old run-of-the-mill podcasters.

Cop Rock… Baby Merchant…

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Spotify Cancels Two Acclaimed Podcasts — ‘Heavyweight,’ ‘Stolen’
Shows will finish out work on current, in-production seasons
Programming decision coincides with company’s latest job cuts



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