Exercise wheel for cats


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I wonder how much electricity this thing could produce? Just attach a generator and get a laser pointer aimed at just the right spot…


Depends very much on your cat’s temperament. My sister got one for her cat in the hopes it would exercise. No such luck.


I wouldn’t spend $250 on a cat - why would I spend that on a cat toy?


Needs a generator attachment. Then, for once in its life, your cat can actually be useful.


Yay. So excited.


Cats aren’t natural distance runners. The only way to get them to run that long in a straight line is to dangle a cucumber behind them.


I did spend $100 on an RFID cat door, so my cat can go in and out whenever she wants, and the raccoons can’t come into my kitchen and forage for food. They mostly were just eating the cat food, but one of them had a sweet tooth, and would even open cupboards to steal (even unopened) packages of cookies.


It’s a genetic thing: some cats find the scent of futility irresistible, and will chase it for hours in the hopes of sinking their teeth into a delicious morsel. Others are insensitive to it.


You just changed the life of a cat and two dogs. I had not heard of these. Now I am going to get one.


I wish they had a kid sized one.


Post removed by author. Was confused.


And then!


I can’t imagine that any less than 95% of cats would just sleep in it.


from the bank

1st gen maybe?


One of the front legs looks like the cat is puking in flight.

A metaphor for today’s career progress. Regardless how fast you’re running, you’re standing in place.


You’re too valuable in your current position to promote!


48" diameter isn’t large enough for some cats to really stretch out. Miasm,'s image of the white cat shows how a cat should be able to run on a wheel. The video on the main Boing Boing post shows a cat who needs a larger wheel walking quickly because the wheel is to small for it to run on.


Sometimes promotion sucks. I was an IT manager for a short painful while, out of necessity. I gladly went back to the hands-on-the-iron work when they found somebody who actually can manage.


Oh, I understand and agree. But usually when one is too valuable where one is to promote, one still finds one is not yet valuable enough for a raise.