Experience the minimalist joy of moving empty desktop windows


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There was a time when the speed at which those overlapping areas were clipped and removed while others covered them was itself marvelous to behold.


You should update the story. BlankWindows.com has just been acquired by Facebook for $85 million of cash and Facebook stock.


Stpd mnmlsm.


It’s windows, all the way down.


I don’t know but I feel like http://www.newoldhotcold.com/ should have a potential seizure warning before clicking.


“Minimalist joy”, or “minimal joy”?


Are you setting us up to be able to make jokes about Apple?


Yeah, definitely. That hurts.


Though I was a practicing software engineer for many years, I’ve been demoted to manager. This reminds me of what I do all day.


I dug and dug and clicked and clicked and could find nothing but more windows until one opened with a view of someone moving the windows around. Imagine my horror as I begin to realize that I was watching myself manipulate the windows but from an impossible viewpoint behind and above me. As I closed the browser in terror there was a flash of light. When I recovered consciousness and my eyesight returned I found myself here seemingly unharmed and the same but now bereft of the former certainty that the world I lived in was real and comprehensible.


for some reason this reminded me of superbad.com, which (incredibly and implausibly) still exists.


Been playing too much Super Hot, huh?


I did find it satisfying to just,… move those windows around. I think it likely has something to do with accessing the “flow” phenomenon of our mind. Doing some simply activity without having to so actively and consciously critique every fact of the activity is liberating. Thanks!


Needs to be multi-user so that one is trying to move windows as others are moving them… Also, shouldn’t the corners be rounded.


So twitch moves windows?


Mouse wars FTW!


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