Experiments with thermochromic hair dye


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There is no volume control on this video. There is no indication of how much has played, or how long it is. I suppose getting rid of those pesky controls simplifies the viewer experience. I wonder where this is video hosted.


I am curious on the time of transition. The video looks stop motion.


It definitely appears sped up to me.

Though my question is, how severe is the transition in real-life applications? I mean, is the change in the video due to ambient temperature changes, or from being hit with a concentrated stream of air from a hair dryer?


I think only a little. The real magic comes from the giant, variable temp hair dryer they use off camera to blast that kid with.



I’m sure that in many regions, the difference between external summertime temps and internal AC would nicely replicate that amount of temp change…



That should go well with my mood ring.


Agreed, that’s a really annoying video player.


I haven’t dyed my hair a fun color in over a decade. I was trying to blend in with those “responsible adult” types at my desk job. It’s no fair to make it even more awesome!


“Semi-permanent” is such an odd phrase.


Add one of those color changing t-shirts from the 90s and you’re all set. They call me, The Chameleon!

(No, japhroaig, they call you a babbons rear end)


Moving the cursor around showed this:

the application of the dye is currently semi-permanent lasting over a few washes.

Begs the question how much one application costs …


Yea, I was able to stop it after a few panic-filled seconds of “Aagh! Too loud! Volume, volume!”


It definitely is. Sort of reminiscent of this from George Carlin: “Jumbo Shrimp”


And that is why I mute all videos on initial play, unless I am specifically looking for a soundtrack.


If you’re really wanting to channel chameleon, there is also this!


Makes me Total(ly) Recall this: