Explaining Cricket

Indeed. There’s an argument that the first ever international cricket match was USA vs Canada.

Also, the French won an Olympic silver medal at cricket, too. With players from the British embassy in Paris.


They had a run in one of the one-day tournaments a few years back as well. ISTR them getting tonked all over the County Ground Rose Bowl by the Aussies.

Edit: As Always, CricInfo delivers the goods. Beaten in the ICC One-Day Trophy back in 2004 by Australia. By 9 wickets with 235 balls remaining. Ouch.


Eh, sounds like they’re about as good as England, then.


Aussies in 2004 were also a much better team then than Australia is today.
Lee, McGrath, Gillespie, Kasprowicz… all out for 65 is pretty creditable against that bowling attack. All they’ve got these days is flat-track bullies called Mitchell.

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