Explore Don Draper's apartment in 3D


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Don Draper? Never heard of him…


I want to play with it! I wonder if there’s a survival mode?


If he keeps a guitar in his bathroom, I don’t want to know him. He’s a complete idiot.


It may be sleazy but it’s way better than his previous place which was just a dark pit of anxiety attacks and rum pancakes.


I note the sunken seating area in the living room. This was a pretty common feature in TV sets from the 60s and 70s that was never common in real life. I think that it’s a hold-over from stage design which took hold in multi-camera sets. It means that people in the foreground don’t get in the way of the people in the background.


Yeah, it never made sense to me, especially for an apartment. What could all that wasted volume even be used for? Or maybe the ceiling in the unit below is dropped to make room but I don’t think his place had a low ceiling so unless he’s on the top floor or he was able to pay to screw over the downstairs tenant this didn’t add up.


I think that most cases IRL were at some level, life imitating art. I remember living an an apartment which seemed to have delusions of grandeur “elegant sunken living room” because area just in front of the door was raised two steps above the rest of the apartment. http://www.rent.com/maryland/beltsville-apartments/townley-4-452081 Note photo 4 of 7 of the interior.


Wouldn’t you need a 4D printer for that?


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