Extreme Vetting


Continuing the discussion from 'Extreme Vetting' is Trump's latest crazypants racist campaign thing:

Yo Dawg, making an extreme vette for an extreme vet is not what led to this:

Anyone know what “Extreme Vetting” means other than what trump said back during the campaign?


Maybe it’s these guys?


Here are some folks out Extreme CORVetting


Joe Biden supports extreme 'vetting


It was intended as a serious question, but I won’t fight the tide!

Carry On


Well you did start the wave…

Seriously though, for now it seems to involve a strict ban, which isn’t vetting at all, so we don’t really know what it will mean. Longer wait times, for sure, more rejections. But based on what? Social media? The vetting process is already very secure, so it seems to me that it can only be “extreme” in its use of arbitrary and irrelevant details to exclude people.


‘Extreme Vetting’ means treating animals whilst dangling on a bungee chord. Clearly.


It’s already extreme, so it’s actually a tautology.



Conducting neverending warfare and/or ‘peacekeeping’ in order to maximize the per capita number of military veterans.


My kind of extreme 'Vette



If only there was even regular vetting for the Trump Cabinet…


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