Fabulous photo of newlyweds with Black Power gang


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It’s a nice day for a White Wedding. . . .


that’s fucking awesome.

so awesome I’m not going to bowdlerize myself


Eh… are they really a “gang”?

Nice to see they are taking the kids out in to the wood though!


I learned a new word today!


Why is this extraordinary? It sounds like maybe it goes against what everybody knows about “those thugs.” Is NZ racism that much like the USA?


From a strictly visual sense, the juxtaposition of Anglos in delicate, formal wedding outfits and Maori in utilitarian, casual demonstrator-wear is surprising.

The story to me is that the bride, groom, and photographer could have considered the demonstrators an obstacle to their photo shoot; but instead they invited them to be a part of it, and everyone had a better time for it.


That makes sense. Maybe I’m just wearing my American glasses.


They do appear to be wearing biker vests. Anyway, “gang” isn’t synonymous with “criminal organization.”



No, it’s not synonymous, but there is definitely negative connotations.

This isn’t the 1950s where the gang is going for sodas after school, or the gang is going to pile into the van and find out who is really haunting the old amusement park.


Just don’t invite the gang to dinner.


I LOVE that show.



It’s one of those taxonomic oddities.

Cattle in numbers is a herd.
Black people in numbers is a gang.
White people in numbers is a Klan
Mexicans and Muslims… Well. Those come in floods.



“Hikoi” in this context probably best translates as “pilgrimage”

Black Power is a “gang” at least in the NZ context - whether that’s golod or bad is kind of a political issue - police demonisation of gangs has been going on for decades, the kind of bogeyman you trot out when you want more funding


Trump voters in numbers is a . . . Trump lump?


Interesting. So you’re saying the word “gang” itself doesn’t have particularly negative connotations there?

It does in the U.S. – racist and/or classist ones, especially.


Rich people in numbers is a private club.


murder of millionaires