Facebook bans large ‘Stop the Steal’ pro-Trump group for inciting violence

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Too late. Far, far too late. FB had a chance to stop the malignancy from spreading and chose to do nothing. Now there may be as many as a third of the entire electorate who believe all this stuff and will continue to do so regardless of what is shown to them. They have been primed for it over years (and this whole process dates back to before Trump; it’s not ‘Trumpism’ per se, he just happened to be able to take advantage of it before anyone else.)

I’m not saying that I blame those voters entirely, mind. I blame Rupert Murdoch for being the true evil genius (along with Roger Ailes and the Talk Radio folk) who realised that not only was this a largely untapped market, but that they would make a shedload of money as well. FB is only following in their well-trodden path.


Trump, his cronies and Fox News are all inciting violence at this point. Trump in particular is clearly frustrated his half-assed legal actions aren’t going anywhere (and don’t have as much Republican support as he’d like). Calls for violence on social media are being taken down - but only after being up for many hours and viewed by thousands. Armed groups are showing up where ballots are being counted. Something’s going to happen, somewhere. And then what?


And so it begins:

Philly police investigating alleged plot to attack Pennsylvania Convention Center



Do these yahoos actually think the rest of the country would stand back and stand by while they pull this shit? Wishful thinking must be contagious.


Is ANYONE on the right even attempting to offer evidence to justify their claims that some kind of fraud is going on? Literally the only justification I’ve heard is “Trump said it”, and his only justification is “I don’t want it to happen so it’s got to be illegal somehow, because I’m the president and the president is a big powerful man who gets whatever he wants.”


“It’s not clear where the money for the group operations comes from.”

Isn’t it that pair of arseholes from Brewster’s Millions? It is normally them.


One of those arseholes you pictured is dead. Are you suggesting that we also have a zombie problem, too?


I think the GOP itself has become a zombie problem for sure. It’s certainly not a thinking org anymore, and it seems to eat brains of those in its thrall.

Edited to add that zombies are quite on-brand at this point in 2020, so why not? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


This is good enough for his base. They don’t care about justifying it to anyone else.

Back in 2016 I talked to a cousin about why she supported Trump. Among her reasons were the (completely false) reports of “the Muslims celebrating in the streets after 9/11”. When I asked for evidence of this, she kept pointing me to Donald saying it was so. That was good enough for her, and we could never move past that.


one woman i thought i knew fairly well told me on election day 2016 that she voted for trump because clinton was personally responsible for the murders of dozens of people. i said " what people?" she replied “watch the news, you’ll see”. still waiting for that story to break. this country is getting crazier by the day.


Thank you. That’s the second best news I’ve had today :smiley:

I thought they were the assholes from “Trading Places”.


That’s it :smiley:

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Throw it on the mutating pile of conspiracy theories.

Jet fuel can’t melt steal! 11/3 was an inside job! Pennsylvania was a controlled demolition!

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And of course, nobody shot or dead despite the guns in the vehicle.


The rhetoric may be about brave patriots stopping something unpatriotic from happening, but the tactics are pure terrorism, and they don’t need support for that. If their violence - or threats of violence - can stop the vote from being counted, they’ve already accomplished their mission.

They don’t bother with that anymore. They may need justifications for their terrorism, but the authoritarianism is on full display now. It’s not just true with this specific thing, either, but in general. With all of Trump’s anti-democratic and authoritarian moves, they’re no longer bothering with justifications. It’s just because they want it. This is where we are as a country, now. I think we’re totally fucked.

I find myself internally switching to a Cockney accent and doing rhyming slang when reading about cases like this: Obviously they were a right bunch of ‘Betties.’


In other news, at least one replacement group has been hijacked by scum-of-the-earth genius hackers.


To see some of the hilariously triggered responses… https://imgur.com/gallery/eK8UeWl
I wonder if brilliant trolling like this may be the more effective approach than depending on Facebook et al to act responsibly. Fight hate speech with smarter trolling.

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