Facebook kills 200,000-member QAnon group

Where we go one we go all? Hoping off of a cliff.


Too late, and not enough, but still a good thing.


and some believe the tribunals have already taken place with the people in question replaced by body doubles and clones so the truth won’t get out

( i wish i could make this stuff up. but then no one would believe me. if truth is stranger than fiction, facebook is stranger than truth )


Man! Did I ever misread that headline!
much disappoint.


You can’t kill something that’s already brain-dead.


If TikTok is being acquired by some entity aligned with Trump, we already know how this is going to end.


The sheer mass of QAnon bullshit out there makes me wish that someone unconnected to the group is keeping track of it all with some kind of archive, some kind of web crawler to grab and date all the talk, because it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed, and I’m sure we’ll find plenty of guilty parties who screamed in unison “go ahead, pull the trigger”, figuratively speaking.


As these last 4 years have worn on, I’ve grown less and less patient with the way that social media platforms try to play off the volume of posts, videos & traffic they get as excuses for doing Next-To-Nothing, at a speed of Too-Little-Too-Late. Certain people, groups, YouTube Channels and Twitter accounts can be looked at and you can easily decide “Oh, that shit’s gotta go.” David Duke on Twitter and YouTube, for example. You could’ve banned him straight-away since his reputation precedes him.

Or r/The_Donald on Reddit. Reddit let that sub fester and rot, in spite of its reputation and left its users free to organize their own site, move off to that other site, and then they banned it. What a fucking joke. This was, if I recall correctly, years after they banned other nasty subreddits like r/fatpeoplehate and more, and in a study, it was shown that banning those subreddits actually decreased toxic behavior.

When people wring their hands about how content moderation at scale is “difficult”, “impossible”, or “involves lots of trade-offs”, I can just point to the high-profile bigots/conspiracy theorists/all-around assholes who strut around social media freely, capable of spreading their views to their countless followers and subscribers, that you could ban and every well-adjusted individual would agree that that would make the Internet a better place.


It’s not even a drop in the bucket, though, which makes this feel more farcical than a step in the right direction; they can’t even plead ignorance about what’s happening:

It’s not a “matter of time” - it’s already happened. There are arguably multiple killings inspired by QAnon, so far.


I can’t even enjoy 1990’s-style conspiracy-based entertainment anymore after seeing what it grew into. That Mel Gibson movie Conspiracy Theory used to seem like a silly romp, now all I can see is a crazed antisemite misogynist abuser who is probably a hero to countless Pizzagate freaks. Even thinking about the early seasons of The X-Files makes me feel gross now.


Unless the revelation and dogma come from Q, of course.


Rather minor point, but: isn’t their slogan "Where We Go One We Go All" just the most insipid piece of recycled trash? It’s like someone heard “All for one and one for all” from The Three Musketeers, but was told oh, that author is “globalist” or, worse, French, so he mucked with it to make it sound more obscure.

It just reminds me of some newly-made boys’ club where the young greenhorns are trying to gain legitimacy and provenance for their organization by adding arcane incantations and rituals.

Ditto for “Calm Before The Storm” and “The Great Awakening”. They are throwing as much meme spaghetti at the Internet Refrigerator they can and seeing what sticks.


Wow, this is a really weird feeling. I’m actually admiring something Bill Gates said? :exploding_head:


Yeah, they’ve positively ruined all that. Would Mulder be a qanon follower… :grimacing:

But it’s worse than that because what starts out as conspiracy can lead you to Watergate or MKUltra or DuPont or whatever shit the tobacco and pharma industries have been up to over the decades… and a myriad other things. But no, these frigging nuts are talking about 5g causing viruses whereas they should be putting their efforts into revealing real cover-ups and scandals.


I don’t believe the big movers behind the phenomenon believe it, and more, I think they probably sit back and laugh at their dupes. I think it is like professional wrestling, where a lot of the narrative theory came from in the first place.

Alex Jones and that sort probably make up slogans like that and then laugh about how silly they are while people chant them. They’re just weaponized trolls on a mission.




The thing is, in Mulder’s world 5G would cause the virus and vaccinations would be used to mind control people and Q would be a government source, so he would be justified in thinking all that. Making him a UFO believer wasn’t more ludicrous at the time, he’s supposed to be a fringe outsider.

Of course there’s a whole lot of political baggage that comes with Q that would make one hope he still wouldn’t be a Trumper and thus couldn’t be a Q believer.

Then again there are probably a whole lot more federal agents in the real world right now that believe in Q than there ever were federal agent conspiracy believers in the X-files.

I bet there are lots of people in ICE or the DEA that fancy themselves the Mulders of their times.


On the other hand, it’s aligned completely opposite. One might find Nazis in Mulder’s evil illuminati meetings and experimental labs. In modern conspiracy theory the Nazis have somehow become the good guys…


I’ll go with “Truther than strange.”

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don’t worry, while he said a lot of important things that needed to be said, it also sounded like - if i was reading correctly - he believed strong encryption was to blame for the rise of all the conspiracy theories and that we should ban it

when, the reality is, most of it is out in plain sight