Facebook's fourth-quarter earnings smash Wall Street expectations

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What does FB sell again? Oh, I remember, it’s your every bit of life information.

Got it!


I don’t mean to sound like some kind of social networking snob, but I would have thought that Facebook was a bit over the hill. In my world Facebook peaked ca. 2010, but that’s probably just me getting old.


Don’t look at me! I never had a Facebook account, and I never will!

I said a long time ago that I’d go to my :skull: without a Facebook account, and I still plan to.


Do stock analysts ever get, like, graded? They seem to be wrong a little more often than one would… expect, considering how much money is riding on their pronouncements.

Is it possible they get things wrong on purpose, in a sort of insider-trading-once-removed scam?

I can’t understand the appeal of living inside Facebook.

Sort of like smoking that way - from the outside it’s rather unappetizing

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