Factbot: a bot that spouts viralish, truth-sounding lies


I was expecting this to have something to do with former Rep. Mike Rogers’ rumored talk radio gig.

The celebrity-themed ones are my favorites:

"Ashley Olsen is capable of surviving on average six weeks without eating. "

"Oprah Winfrey invented a special diaper for Pumas that has a pocket "

Man oh man, do I want those to be true!

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How does this help? In ten years when I want to find out about Cameroonians’ internet habits, this will still be sitting there. I’ll thank this guy then, I suppose.

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Yeah. The way to fight against misinformation on the Internet is to spread it? Logic?

This was done years ago: http://www.davesweboflies.com/

Also done at http://gullible.info/, though it isn’t updated very often anymore. The archives are full of good ones though.

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