Failed Oklahoma GOP nominee condemns opponent as secret replicant

Yes. At least this one believes in science and technology!


Hell, I thought death was a Republican.


Would it depend on your local mythology?

Somehow I see Mexico’s Santa Muerte belonging to the left of center PRD rather their rival the PRI, if only because a Socialist platform seems more in line with Lady Sebastienne’s works.

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This mans issues with his opponent, although extraordinary, sound quite like some sort of neurological illness. Capgras syndrome has the sad effect of causing the sufferer to not be able to emotionally recognize familiar faces, due to all sorts of horrible reasons including neurologically degenerative disease. This syndrome can lead to cognitive dysfunction and can be among the first signs of another very difficult to treat disease, schizophrenia. I hope that this mans personal demons getting blasted all over the interwebs motivate his family to help him get healthy instead of helping him campaign. That’s the only good that could come of this.

Unless, of course, they find the replicant.


The saddest part of all this is not that obvious mental cases are openly running for elective office, but that are enough other mental cases with voting power out there, that the mental cases running for office make it a point to pander to them. Murray still got 5.2 % of the vote.

It’s just sad that mental illness is comedy. Assholery should be comedic fodder, not schizophrenia.

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