GOP congressional candidate from Florida says she met space aliens


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And I bet they hate solar power, universal healthcare, and evolution too…


Would explain the Fermi paradox. I mean, would you come back after meeting this loon?


Because she is one, a Martian to be exact.


It’s a GOP thing.


Given that a fair number of people who have alien abduction memories may very well be suppressing memory of actual sexual abuse, I don’t want to take part in pillorying the lady.

But I do wish that people who are actively delusional would be disqualified from seeking office.


Look, if she wanted to become famous for something silly she could have just pointed out her initials.

It could even be a campaign slogan: "In a sagging economy, our state deserves the support only BRA can provide!"

Or, in the event the party throws her under the bus: "GOP casts off BRA in attempt to increase appeal to voters."


Your headline and photo combination should get you a gold star from your boss.


Vote BRA to put another boob in congress?


This is the most positive thing I’ve heard about the GOP in a long time.


“Voters fear BRA may be unbalanced, demand transparency”


Swing voters?


Documentary Footage


Her belief in aliens is not relevant. How the voters respond to her is. If you want to win elections you are going to have to address her campaign on those terms. The voters believe that market capitalism will save them which is equally as laughable.


Her belief that she once took a joyride in a UFO is an indication of her critical thinking abilities and overall mental state. It’s fair game.


People that would vote for her do not care. Painful.


“I went in [when 7 years old],” Rodriguez Aguilera told America TeVe. “There were some round seats that were there, and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship – not like airplanes.”

Grammar. Syntax. Sounds about right for a 7 year old.


People who are considering voting for her deserve to know that she is batshit crazy. If her economic policy isn’t enough to convince them of this then maybe the UFO visitations might.


Many voters are bat shit crazy. Get it?


Can someone please handle the BRA-burning joke here? It’s an Icarus reference, but I can’t pull it off. Thx.