Fake Italian coffee name generator

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Actual Italian coffee names.
San Francisco, Malabar, Paulista

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Fair to middling… many words generated are maybe Italian-sounding but not very real.
Not that coffee names in Italy ever made any sense anyway, here’s one from the eighties confusingly called Bourbon, you have to wonder sometimes.

The House of Bourbon ruled over Sicily and Naples in the 18th and 19th centuries. Doesn’t seem so strange to me to name coffee after them. Conveys a sense of class and luxury.

They were invented by the same company that invented the Garibaldi biscuit, which was named after the Italian general.


My first thought was that it might be coffee with chicory, and named after Bourbon Street in New Orleans. (In a roundabout, so to speak—i.e., bringing it back to France as an exotic import, I guess :laughing:)

(Maybe the yellow can was part of what suggested that to me—like the cans of the famous coffee/chicory blend from Cafe Du Monde.)

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