Falcon dive-bombs ducks


Leave the ducks alone! Aren’t there zombies to be dive-bombed?

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And that is how the down for comforters is collected.

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Look at all those ducks! There are at least ten minus one!

Falcons nest on one of the local skyscrapers, there have been reports of office workers looking out the window and seeing a falcon hit a pigeon like missile.

nest cam blog

One of our downtown buildings has a peregrine nest, and pedestrians in the area will occasionally see a bird wing, head, or other body part on the pavement, dropped by the falcons.

Appropriately, it looks like peregrines have also been known as “duck hawks”

They’re not only fast, they’re agile. I recall looking out the back window at my brother’s old place quite a number of years back, and seeing one fly full tilt into a rather dense cedar hedge, to come back out the way he flew in, with a sparrow in his claws. He then flew around to the tree in the front yard to settle down to lunch.

I remember seeing a sparrowhawk take a pigeon on the wing. Well, what I actually saw was a bit of movement in the corner of my eye as a pigeon turned into a few floating feathers as at the same time a sparrowhawk appeared sat on the lawn, on top of said pigeon (after having dived on it at great speed).
Our cat, normally a scourge on anything with feathers up to and including pheasants, refused to leave the house for a day, and when she did, spent a few moments scanning the sky before leaving the cover of the roof.
The sparrowhawk killed the pigeon, gave us a look of “anyone else want to fuck with me?”, and flew off, barely encumbered.

Peregrines get all the press! This is the equally impressive but less popular prairie falcon. Very similar in size and build, but much lighter in color, especially the flight feathers.

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