Forget cheetahs, peregrine falcons are the fastest animals on Earth


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I thought we already knew that

Well, technically, they aren’t the fastest animals on Earth, they’re the fastest animals above the Earth. I’d imagine they wouldn’t be so fast walking on the ground.



Yyyyeeeessss, forget the cheetah, the peregrine falcon is the one you should be worried about. He! He is the fastest, I am but a lowly cheetah, lowly second place…
* jumps on your back and eats you while you’re looking at peregrine falcon through binoculars *

oh, and if we’re doing obligs…


Yes but a koala’s terminal velocity is faster than either.


Uh, yeah…


Since the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning is featured near the end of the video, it’s only appropriate to link to their falcon nest cam.


Yeah, I can walk way faster than that thing.


I bet if cheetahs and falcons learned to cooperate they could fuck shut up. Imagine cheetahs dropping from the sky (wearing goggles naturally) right into the middle of a herd of impalas. Chaos!


Also oblig.:


It is known.


cheeta vs falcon, not really fair - 'cause gravity


So, a few months back, my daughter asked what sound cheetah’s make. I assumed a leopardish roar, but I wasn’t sure. I looked it up. I was quite surprised. Now a cheetah sound is a fun bit of trivia no one I know seems to know about.


Same here. Ocelot sounds also caught me off guard. I guess I was expecting them to sound more like house cats, at their size.


Well that’s my TIL for today all set, thanks!


This reminds me that I read My Side of the Mountain way too many times as a kid:


This video looks to be of a young bird? Peregrines sometimes end up on the ground, but they’d usually prefer not to be there. I was glad it ended up flying away as this can be a sign of injury of distress. But nope, this isn’t speedy running; maybe as it’s young it didn’t view the camera as threat enough to really book it (not sure how this footage was taken), even if it could go faster?


Note to all: do not approach a Peregrine Falcon unless you’re okay with getting a falcon body slam to the head and/or a face full of talons. I know from experience!

It is exciting, though.


Yay! Birds for the win!
Take that mammals :stuck_out_tongue:


The fastest animal on Earth was Felix Baumgartner, traveling at a speed of 843.6mph without the aid of a vehicle. Take that, peregrine falcon!