Famed 11-foot-8 bridge neatly shears truck roof

See the square to the left of the free space on the bingo card above.


And by way of an explanation for why it won’t work, see the rightmost item in the 2nd row.


Here’s a more recent exploit of our beloved bridge -


I still think the best solution is to install a ramp for vehicles to jump over the train tracks. The youtube channel would be even more exciting.

My favorite one has everything - wrong way driving, blocking traffic, and of course hitting the bridge: Dazed and confused at the 11foot8 bridge - YouTube


Yes yes, bingo card and whatnot, but I still have an idea: Surround the “Overheight Must Turn” sign with a thick caution-striped border- but not black and yellow, which we’re so used to on the road that it’s easy to tune out despite being a warning symbol. Instead, black and neon pink, something visually jarring from everything else around that will be virtually impossible to overlook. Obviously any remedy will be no match for the limitless potential of human stupidity, but I can’t help but feel it would make at least some difference at a low cost.


I’ll ask yet again: why don’t they just preemptively destroy all vehicles in North America taller than 11’8"?

People always dismiss that idea when I bring it up, but that just tells me they’re not really serious and only want to snark on the internet.


So, basically, no chance against the smarter than average bear.


Ah, sweet schadenfreude

I like to think I’m smarter than the above average bear, but I could just be the victim of Dunning-Krue-bear


I love the stack doing a back flip and sticking the landing. Hope the driver actually got out and inspected that before it fell off and killed someone, though.


And our new friend, the Milwaukee Roundabout, has been busy recently as well. That thing is turning out to be quite the idiot filter.

I took a joyride up to Milwaukee last weekend and had to check out this thing. Two problems: a general lack of signage, and a deceptive view that makes a driver think the road will keep going straight, just before cresting the bridge and seeing that there’s a quick little curve RIGHT NOW. Neither of these things are a problem if you drive at the speed limit. If you go straight anyway and smash over the curb, you also can rip out your oil pan from a manhole cover projecting from the ground in the grass.


“Just a little off the top, thanks, and I’ll be on my way.”


I wonder what percentage are rental trucks where the driver has no more idea of the height on their truck than I do and since they don’t drive them regularly never even thought about it as a problem.

Unfortunately, “a good design if drivers are all compliant” is a bad design. I assume this is something they teach in traffic engineering school, but I was surprised to read the following quote, from the Senior Transporation Engineer of a medium sized US city, in another story about a poorly-designed traffic circle:

“When you design stuff, you have to assume drivers are going to obey the traffic signs and markings.”

If these are the engineers we have, we deserve everything that results.


Commonly, it’s visible in the driver’s side exterior mirror. That doesn’t mean the drivers ever take notice of this.


Boy, that beam they put in front of the bridge is dangerous! It needs to be raised. Or—hear me out—maybe they could install a device that drops a curtain of water in front of it to warn drivers.


Lotsa Penske trucks do indeed get et at the 11’8" + 8" bridge.


It’s almost like



A whole lot of them, I believe.

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