Famed Guinness Records star with the longest fingernails has chopped them off!

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Chopped off, but still just as gross


Don’t want to be mushy but it seems not really worth it to me.

Did they not also have the record for Longest Time Unable To Scratch Their Own Arse?


I wonder if he has an assistant for wiping?


With a dremel:

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Which, indirectly, leads me to ask; how do blind people know they’re done wiping?

The nails are now on display at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square museum.

I guess it was either chop them off or live in the museum full time. Maybe he could have hitched rides to work with the McCrarys:

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So, is that what the kids are calling THICC?

I like having friends with a practical mindset.

I don’t know… maybe with some training you can just feel it? There is a tactile feedback both from the, uh, area in question and the fingertips, even through a couple of layers of bogroll paper.

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Makes sense.
Unlike me to ask a sensible question, I know, but it isn’t the kind of thing you can just ask, is it?

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Should be sold for millions to someone having erectile problems. Similar stuff to rhino horn, but even more rare!

Also, interesting subject for heavy isotope research.

Ok, I will see myself out.

There must be a web forum for this somewhere

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