Famous Egyptian singer faces trial for telling people not to drink water from the Nile


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Is “drinking untreated river water” one of the major reasons people visit Egypt? I thought their main draws were things like ancient monuments and camel rides and whatnot.


Have a trial, make Hany Gad drink Nile water for the duration…


Yeah. The Nile, no swimming, no drinking. No way no how.


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“Drink Evian, it’s better,” she said.

Roger That!


I freaking love the 1st amendment.


Where is Evian in all this? They should be ponying up her legal fees.


“drinking untreated river water” is one of the reasons people visit India…



I immediately thought of the Ganges as well. People throw the cremated remains of their loved ones into that river. However, since a lot of families cannot afford enough wood to do the job properly a lot of body parts end up floating downstream. Add that to the raw sewage, millions of people bathing, and religious offerings and you get one of the most polluted waterways in the world.

I imagine that you build up a tolerance over time to the disease and bacteria in those rivers.


The key question here is cui bono? Who makes money when you drink creepy river water? I can’t imagine anybody does, which is good news for our singer.


Yeah, reading about shit like this makes me glad I live in the U.S., flawed as it is, it wouldn’t… wait, what? We send over $1 billion a year to prop up that shitty government? Goddam it USA, come on!


So what is the tap water like?


Yeah, pass the Evian please.


Who do these arseholes think they’re kidding with this shoot-the-messenger crap?


Toilet paper companies?
Pepto Bismol?
Bored doctors who love extracting parasites from people?


In India, maybe - I dunno. In Egypt tourists used to be warned that the parasites and pollutants in the Nile could make you extremely ill - even fatally so, if you just waded in the water without drinking it. They said that it’s impossible to build up a tolerance to them.

This was 30 or more years ago though.


The argument is that, by saying something rude about something in Egypt, she is defaming the nation and inflicting economic damage by scaring away tourists. The fact that Nile water is dirty is not relevant.


And here I thought you were going to continue with “continue to poison people with lead pipes.”


Mmmm, yummy coliform with a soupçon of corpse detritus.


Which hurts more, the truth or parasitic worms?