Famous racist does everyone a favor and dies

I wish it were just him. Lyon III, a public university, had been infiltrated by Holocaust revisionists, to the point Education minister Jack Lang convened a commission of inquiry in 2001. More generally, there was a far-right group there who believed in a nutjob theory that there was such a thing as a proto-Indo-European civilization that was pure before it was contaminated by (semitic) monotheism, in a sinister echo of Nazi theories of history. While they are a minority (a dozen or so out of a couple hundred), the university administration failed to crack down, and this has apparently not changed.


Any chance of a field trip to go piss on his grave?


Sure. Mostly I tend to think it’s a weird thing to celebrate. He died at 89 at home, (probably) surrounded by family. Hardly a fate reserved for fascists.

Death is not justice, it’s just inevitable. Next there’ll be a post about how a neo-nazi really needed to poop for a while, but couldn’t find a bathroom, but finally found a bathroom, but there was no toilet paper.

I do understand that you’re expressing relief, not gladness, but the systems that bred him still exist, as do the systems that make his views oprobrious.

I’m reminded of my mother’s reaction when Pinochet died (the junta imprisoned my grandfather for a little less than a year and a lot of the rest of the family fled). She shrugged and said he died old and happy and what difference did his dying make in the world?


True, but some people actively make the world a worse place just by being in it.


Book early to avoid the rush.

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But I think you understand what I was saying.

"He finally shut his festering cakehole.:

It’s doubtful that he himself shut his cakehole or that said cakehole can continue to be called a cakehole (given his current state)… but the “festering” part is definitely in play here.


I’ll ration my jeering. I have the feeling that I’ll have to pace myself over the next while.


I think some people may be born naturally inclined to xenophobia, and then racism exists as a framework for them to embrace.

He had one redeeming quality, his mortality.



I’d never realised that Vichy was the name of a place, but it makes perfect sense now that I think about it.
Did this arsehole move there because of it’s collaborationist history, or was it merely coincidence?

Vichy, France, of all places? Wow.

Another rendition could have used the term, ‘piehole’. That’s always a good one too.

“While things feel as permissive as hell here in North America…”

Not for nothing, but that “permissiveness” is the First Amendment.

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