Where justice is subverted by the legislature
and where justice is denied by the magistrate
no justice remains
there is just us



I wish I could say I was shocked, but I’m not…


Sick sick sick.

This decision is sick. I’m feeling sick. Right now, everything feels sick.


Halloween Yard Diaroma idea: A mass grave of the Supreme Court

Evil is winning


I just came from the grocery and saw a woman crying in the aisle. Related? IDK but it felt so.


Yes, I’m seeing and feeling tears too. Tears of rage.

These fucking old-guard white guys. . .


Dear GOP:



does anybody know where my guillotine went?


Well… fuck it all.

General strike?


I’ll loan you mine and start building a new one. They’re going to be busy for the next few months and we’ll need the extra capacity.


“When you don’t have a good government or justice system it is time to replace both.” - Sane People


I watched John Wick last night and found it to very inspirational.

JW2 tonight


but remember republican women favored kavanaugh by an impressive majority. 73% of republican women said they believed him over dr. ford.


Republican women are insane.


I know. Oppressors always convince many of those they oppress to adopt a self-hating mindset. What else is new?

With all due respect, why do you think I should remember that? So I like, don’t get my hopes up or something?


We’ll probably look back on this day with nostalgia later when they confirm Justice Brock Turner.


I’ve been mulling this over for a while now. Why do so many Republicans get caught with their hand in the till, or in somebody’s pants, or putting a finger on the scale of democracy? “Hypocrisy” is an easy answer, but it doesn’t explain much. It just ends the conversation.

You know how there are (according to rumor) gangs where you have to do something atrocious to join? I’ve heard the same story about the Mafia, about child soldiers, and the Khmer Rouge. Kill a granny – at minimum – to join the club. There’s a reason, of course. If you’ve committed the atrocity, you’ll never rat me out to the police. I can completely trust you, because we each have a gun pointed at the other’s head.

As a corollary, it seems obvious members of this kind of fraternity would have to present themselves as the most moral, the most righteous members of society. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


Privilege, both assumed and actual.

I think most of Kavanaugh’s performance during the hearing stemmed from genuine rage that his privilege was being questioned.


Fuck this shit. I’m not even directly affected by this, being an Australian in Australia and all, yet his appointment is abhorrent and reprehensible. Beyond that, I’m lost for words. Jesus fucking christ. Those motherfuckers.

Amd I agree with @Faffenreffer, Kavanaugh couldn’t handle his privilege being questioned.