Fan conspiracy: there were actually two different Luke Skywalkers

I’m surprised no one has brought up Miles Vorkosigan. At one point he pretends there is a clone of him to hide the fact that he has been working as a mercenary under an assumed name. The whole thing gets a lot more complex when it turns out an old enemy actually has created a clone of him.

Maybe it was a teletransporter accident…

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Wrong universe and you know it!


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Soon, every fictional universe ever created will be part of the asset portfolio of a single company.

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Which one of the two is actually JFK?

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You know…

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I’m waiting for this one


As long as Sir Pat Stew is in it…


You mean have an alternate universe with wookies, ewoks, time lords, sontarians, ood and silurians? Cool!

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Don’t forget Klingons, Romulans and Vorlons

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