Fans of The Police: Look for this Easter egg in your vintage 'Synchronicity' record

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The vinyl LP for True Colors album by the NZ band Split Enz (great record, btw) was laser etched with geometric patterns. I think there were several different version, in fact. I know there were other artists that did this kind of etching on LPs but my memory isn’t what it used to be.


Kids are so cute. Like this is new and they’ve just discovered it.

This reminds me of another non-easter-easter egg: David Bowie’s last last album. Clarification on David Bowie's Blackstar cover design and sunlight - YouTube


That blue looks just as good if not better on cd.



You can get the same effect if you have an inconsistent supply chain. Easter eggs!


i happened to pick up two copies of this exact album this weekend. a purple cover and a blue cover. already had a red one.


Aim a strong light at its revolving surface, instant (faint) lightshow!

I saw them on that tour (‘84?) and they were all wearing white suits - right up until the stage UV lights went on to reveal they had the same fluorescent patterns as the album. Their mad energy made the night - it was like tamed chaos.


I just checked my Police record and it’s plain black, but was going to mention that Split Enz LP, I used to have it. Wish I still did, though I have the digital files! Great album, lots of fun.

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Noel Crombie would have designed those suits. Nice bloke.


Wait, isn’t anybody wierded out by his pulling the record out of the top of the album cover?

Styx Paradise Theater was better and a couple years earlier. I had one of these but it disappeared, I know which family member took it.

And fans of the police? Is anyone on this forum fans of the police?


Sure. My favorite is Walking on the Moon.

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Ha. I still have mine.

Not many people know, but millions of records were pressed with this green-and-black marbling effect in the vinyl, only visible under black light. The first one I can recall discovering that about was Dave Mason’s “Alone Together”.

Oh, I remember another album now that does this - Brown Reason to Live by the Butthole Surfers.

And no, I just checked - it is but a regular boring colour vinyl album. Still, makes me realise how long it’s been since I’ve pulled it out played it.

Some may say you’re wishing your days away…


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