Fantastic German psychedelic animation from 1970 by Yellow Submarine's art director

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I thought Yellow Submarine was all Peter Max’s work.

from Wikipedia:
Max’s repeated claims, varying in detail, to have worked on Yellow Submarine have been denied by the production team.[18]


That encapsulated a couple of bad acid trips from the 70’s for me.

I’d always thought Edelmann was Czech. Apparently he was German, but born in the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia) to a German/Czech family.

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Thanks for posting, @pesco. Now I will have to check out what the ZDF broadcasted in this series.

Which reminds me that I still have an unwatched copy of Welt am Draht, somewhere…

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Well I’ll be damned. All these years and I mean I was a pre teen at the time the movie came out and was totally into it. I mean I made drawings of the art and hung them on my walls. We had all kinds of Peter Max Pee Chee’s and shit along with our Bic Banana pens, All these years I was sure that the art was Peter Max’s.

I remember seeing on a Friday evening a promotional film all about it at like 11:30 at night. When the creature feature was supposed to be on.

Anyway today I learned something new.

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Peter Max is an imitator who was at first happy to not correct people who thought he designed Yellow Submarine, and later made claims to it himself.


Heinz Edelmann :heavy_check_mark:

I’ve seen this so many times…

And this one, too:


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Edelmann also designed the book cover for the first German edition of Lord of the Rings and illustrations for the German edition of Wind in the Willows.

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