Fantastic psychedelic Greyhound ad from 1971

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I found myself looking to see whether there was a Peter Max signature…


And so did I. By this point, however, Max’s style had become a standard that most house illustrators were chosen for and versed in. Even though the Yellow Submarine was dated by 1971 it didn’t stop any other brand from trying to look hip in appropriating its colors and graphics. The more flamboyant and iconic a style appears, the more out of date it looks a few years later but it has to filter through an awful lot of advertising before its saturation is complete. This looks like it was illustrated in color and unfortunately printed in b/w. Can you hear Ken Nordine asking, “How are things in your town?”

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And only a decade after the Freedom Rides, which weren’t even about changing rules, since interstate bussing had already been desegregated by federal rule. But the Rides showed that the bus lines had not followed the legislation.

Riff-raff WWII pacifist jailbirds were the core of the first Freedom Rides, and after they were beaten and a bus burned, Diane Nash of SNCC stepped in, afraid if the push stopped, it would be very hard to restart it.

Fred Shuttlesworth, who died the same day as Steve Jobs, had a big role too.


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