Father Guido Sarducci's idea for the Five Minute University

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The Five Minute University would cost $20 and that would include tuition, cap and gown rental, diploma, and a graduation Polaroid.

…and snacks (for some reason, that part aways tickled me as a kid).

Novello is also behind this hilarious book.


He has always been heavily involved in education. Many people might know about his involvement with the Handsome Boy Modeling School


One of Cardinal Fungi’s favorite parts I am sure.

I remember enjoying this piece quite a bit when it came out, as I was in college. I eventually took him at his word and dropped out. No regrets.


Just thought I’d share. Back in the late 1980s I saw Guido at the Fairmont in SF. It was a dinner show and we dressed up. Now, I’d only seen him on SNL, but always thought he was really funny. At the time I must have been 20ish and would laugh at anything. My gf and I sat though the entire show without cracking a smile once. It sucked! Just wasn’t funny. To pay for the show $50 or $75 was added to the bill for dinner at the end. Dinner came to around $150 plus $75x2, so $300ish. Think I left 175 and got the hell out of there. Dine and dash isn’t normal behavior for me, but thought the breach of contract was on the entertainers side.

I spent so many, many hours working in advanced mathematics for electrical engineering and never used any of that in my career.


Came here for this. Thanks!

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the late, great Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello)

Don’t scare me like that.


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