Father's Day Gift Guide




Gotta watch them Father's Day gifts.




"What To Get For The Man Who Has Eyelids That Have Grown Cancerously Across His Eyeballs, Leaving Only A Pair Of Grotesque, Desperately Shrinking Pinholes"


Jeezum crow, if you're going to suggest socks at least make them Darn Tough. http://darntough.com Made in the US and guaranteed for life. Yes I wore some out and yes they replaced them for free no questions asked except for my incredulous. "Really, I just go pick out a new pair and give you this old holy pair?".



Mr Wuffles, Long Distance Love & Sloth prints link all read $200. Hardly enticing to click the links!

Good thing they are really all under $30.


Fixed now.


Not one of you has liquor and smokes on their list?


Sorta figured someone would have already posted this pic ....


Just get him some goddamn socks.


A cheap acrylic cube!! How did you know?!?


Rob wins.


I believe I had the original "Moscow puzzles" (called "Математическая смекалка", or "Mathematical Wit" here).

Maybe this one should be given from father to son, but, yeah, I can testify that's a good book. Too bad that it wasn't republished in Russia, as far a I know (thankfully, downloads are abound).


I don't put them on my list. You can never trust them to get the right stuff.



Just what he needs to wear when watching his DVDs of the entire run of Seinfeld.


...and got roundly berated for it. Maybe I should have let you go first. smiley


It's an interesting superstition. smiley


I made my father's day gift months ago. I tied two classic Atlantic salmon flies out feathers from a turkey I hunted and harvested myself. It's really tricky getting the feather fibres (called slips) to marry together but the end result is something to be proud of. I've mounted them in a shadow box that my Dad can put on display for anglers and non-anglers alike to enjoy. I'd upload a picture but this new BBS thinks I'm a new user (even though it was able to find my profile picture from my old boingboing account from years ago) and won't allow me to upload photos.

Oh well, I guess rather than show off the gifts we've made ourselves, we should just buy something that BoingBoing endorses from this list of thoughtless, unnecessary doo-dads.


Oh post it already, I want to see, I want to see!