Lovely pocket knives as a last minute Father's Day gift

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Make this Father’s Day the memorablest ever with a handmade shoelace dispenser!


I clicked to see if that red stone was Jasper. Yep. I got some chunks of it I really need to get polished up. It is a pretty knife!

I make custom knives as a hobby (including damascus and San-mai), and quite like the santa fe stoneworks knives.

Never bought one, because I’m an idiot, and tend to bump into things (which results in stuff in my pockets getting shattered). I’ve broken a glass filled nylon folding knife handle before accidentally.

But, if I wasn’t worried about shattering beautiful stone in my pocket, I’d buy one.

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Aren’t we a little late for that? Do I have to check on Google if Father’s Day is celebrated on a different day in the US?

And why do we need a day to get knife presents?


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