Fauci and Royal Nazis in this week’s dubious tabloids

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Thanks for the cut!

Best investigative reporting on the planet!
Go ahead and read The New York Times if you want to, they get lucky sometimes…


The Men in Black don’t do work in Cumbria, apparently :frowning:

In 1996 he found himself publicly mocked after claiming that he and his wife, Rosemary, had seen a UFO. The local newspaper, the Evening News and Star , broke the story with the headline:

“Knighton: Aliens Spoke To Me”.

As they set off from their Yorkshire home one afternoon in 1976, he and his wife had watched an apparently alien craft perform a range of “impossible” aero-gymnastics. As the glowing UFO disappeared, he believed he had received a telepathic message urging him: “Don’t be afraid, Michael.”

After the story was published, he said: “I made it perfectly clear to the reporter that it was not for publication. The damage has been done now and so I’ve decided to resign at the end of the season. I have a nine-year-old son and it’s not fair for him to be ridiculed.”

And this is where Evening News and Star excelled itself. It followed up with a front-page article in which its editor, Keith Sutton, tendered an “‘unreserved” apology.

He said: “Just because Michael Knighton has seen a UFO doesn’t disqualify him from being a football club chairman.”

Classy that …

Carlisle United fans would benefit from having the worst of the Knighton years removed from our memories. Just leave alone the 3rd division championship season and the multiple good years in the EFL trophy though.


Correct. In Cumbria the Men in Tweed take care of… things.
Dark blue herringbone, to be precise. Matching Rover P6 Mk I with the 3.5 L V8, usually.

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