Fauci: Live music could be back in the fall

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Nice thing about Fauci is not that he is always right or accurate, but that he at least gives well reasoned opinions limited to being informed by his area of expertise.

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That’s easy for him to say.

The very expensive drug I get every six months, based on work Dr. Fauci did on my rare disease, makes vaccines ineffective unless done within a small window.

If I can’t get vaccinated in May, I can’t get vaccinated till November.

I have bad dreams that my turn to be vaccinated will be right after my next infusion in June.

(Actually, the dreams I’ve had have been about being somewhere without a mask. The last time I rode the subway with no trouble, but got a ticket while leaving a store. They did give me a big pile of free disposable masks.

I hope he factored in all the rehearsal time that will be needed for bands to get back in sync with each other once vaccinated, otherwise these fall concerts could be rough.

Are you saying they’ve adjsted to internet time delays, and will have to get back to performing in the same room?

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I assume Fauci: Live Music is the name of his concert series.

Or, haven’t been practicing at all due to lack of technology for doing so.

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