Fauci: US government announced funding of three vaccine trials, on track for scale by end of the year/early 2021

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Seems optimistic to me. Though if this can be done with minimal safety concerns, then f-ing awesome.


I’d be good for early roll-out precisely because I’m almost 70. Not a candidate for challenge testing though at my age.


Almost 50 here, I feel the same way


This administration has me so skeptical of anything it does related to healthcare, that I’d wait a long time before trying something like this. My only hope is that medical experts make an effort to be inclusive in the trials, to avoid a repeat of what’s described in these articles:


lol like we’re making to end of 2020/early 2021

given what he does when has to worry about re-election somewhat, what do you think he does win or lose, when he doesn’t have to worry anymore or wants revenge

you know exactly how he does revenge, he does it to everyone

plus half of everyone protesting right now is going to have immunity the very very hard way (which might be handy come November in-person voting)

i would like to think that January will be a new start for us - a vaccine available and the orange buffoon gone. can’t wait.


I’ll have what @boldeagleuserthing is having. :wink:


Sorry if it’s just me being lazy to Google this first, but are any of these the ‘Gates’ vaccine?

Why would that matter?

The time frame is certainly ideal for the president. It’s very soon, but it’s after the election, so if it turns out to have been vaporware, voters can’t punish him for it.

Still, while I’m certainly cynical enough about the president to think he’d knowingly work this as a scam, I think better of NIH and Dr. Fauci.


So the taxpayers are already paying for it – that means the vaccine will be free, right? Right?


Yeah, my big fear is that Trump will somehow force its release well before it’s ready, purely to help his reelection chances. (My other fear is that will work, and then we’ll find out the rushed vaccine has all sorts of problems.)

My question is whether Trump will (/can) push enough key people out and replace them with desperate sycophants who will do whatever he asks, regardless of whether it’s a very bad idea or not.


I have a horrible feeling Trump might push for a large scale vaccine deployment right before the election, before trials on safety have been completed.

edit: @Shuck beat me to it.


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I don’t know if the Gates Foundation is in the COVID vaccine research business. What I do know are their plans to stand up seven separate production facilities that will have the specialized equipment needed to culture and package the coronavirus vaccines.

Vaccines aren’t chemicals that you mix up in a vat, squirt in a jar, and ship to doctors. They’re live cultures that are inoculated and grown inside sterilized chicken eggs for a couple of months. Only after the cultures are ready to be extracted and processed can they be squirted into jars and shipped to doctors.

Vaccine processing facilities are very specialized factories that have special room-sized incubators to hold millions of eggs at precise temperature schedules, plus storage and packaging machinery for the millions of glass vials, injection caps, pamphlets, boxes, etc. And the whole factory must be kept sterile, of course. These complex factories take time to build, install, and test the equipment, and are a huge investment.

The announced plan was they would start building the seven factories immediately and get them ready to start incubating and manufacturing the drugs as soon as they are ready for human trials. They aren’t waiting for the results of the trials; the plan is to start manufacturing the vaccines immediately. It’s expected that some of the vaccines will fail, and the batches at those factories will be discarded when that happens.

Traditional pharmaceutical companies are in it to make money, so they normally won’t commit to manufacturing until testing proves the effectiveness of their compounds. But with seven factories each taking a risk because they’re not driven by a profit motive, any vaccines that prove effective in the trials will be that much closer to shipping than if they had waited for the trials to complete before picking a winner.

Knowing the Gates Foundation’s historical focus on vaccination, I suspect that their output will be reserved for the developing world, to try to save lives in countries that don’t have the resources to build their own factories. The rich countries are perfectly capable of building their own.


Bill Gates has donated $10 million to an Australian trial of a vaccine that researchers hope will prevent severe cases of COVID-19 in at-risk groups such as healthcare workers and the elderly.

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Yeah - that sounds about right. From looking further it seems like he is splashing around a lot of money on testing if existing drugs help, and there is a focus on developing countries. I didn’t think the foundation was going to manufacture itslef, but I did think he may have been putting some money behind one or multiple trials in the US. But I think that might not be the case here ( but some to Australia directly it looks like ).

Just curious - also I wanted to see just how off-base the conspiracy nuts were. Like if he was backing a US trial at all, which he doesn’t seem to me. People are going around with the nano-chip claims and saying they refuse to take the “Gates vaccine”

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