FBI decided not to force entry through front door to preserve fancy neighborhood's "aesthetics"

You can put those messages out all you want, and many people do, but it also needs a receptive audience.

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Oops, some clarification is needed. What I wrote was “attack-dog lawyers”, which has nothing to do with actual dogs. An “attack-dog lawyer” is a figure of speech meaning an extremely aggressive and high-powered attorney who will sue you for everything they can think of (and win). Rich people and corporations have them. If you’re a cop and there’s any chance you might be raiding the wrong rich person’s house, breaking down the back door rather than the extremely large and expensive front door might slightly limit the eventual damages that said lawyer will demand.

Indeed. But a police department is in much greater danger of costly lawsuits when forcing entry into a home in a wealthy neighborhood than a poorer one. And I’m sure that officers are told to keep this in mind when planning and executing their raids.

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