FBI investigating VC fund started by Peter Thiel for financial misconduct: Report

Yeahhh. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if Ajay Royan fell out of a window and landed on Peter Thiel’s brand new car, I’d consider that a good day but this article is light on specifics. The only details provided of the investigation are that:

US officials — including the FBI — have in recent months questioned some people close to Mithril regarding concerns of possible financial misconduct at the firm, according to people familiar with the matter who insisted on anonymity given its sensitivity

That’s it. The rest of the article provides details on lots of other people who might be mad at Mithril, but with respect to the government it’s vague nonsense like “[m]ultiple investigative agencies could be interested in policing potential misconduct at the firm”. And the agencies themselves?

The DOJ, FBI, and SEC each declined to comment.

So yeah, I’ll be impressed when there’s more to this story than “the FBI made a few phone calls”.


and trypophobia it definitely will cause trypophobia


He’s got a Tolkien thing… another of his companies is “Palantir Technologies”.


“Fool of a Thiel!”


I guess that the Palantíri network was good tech, used for evil; so very appropriate to the modern age.


internal tensions, declining morale, and employee departures

Curses. Foiled again, said Mr. Snidely Whiplash, when reached for comment.

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That was seriously the most creepy part of the whole series. Not since watching “The Ring” have I had anything so nightmarish.

Mithril vest indeed.

(from a reply to one of the tweets included in the original post)




Thiel’s Bane has a nice sound to it.


Thiel keeps on giving his ventures unintentionally symbolic Tolkienesque names, doesn’t he.

Mithril was an incredible source of wealth for the dwarves of middle earth, but greed led them to delve too far and too deep for it, and they awoke a power that caused their own downfall.

It difficult to see how anyone could slap that name on a company and not think that it was a massive act of hubris that was ultimately going to cause them ironic trouble later.


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