FBI offers employers alerts when their employees are arrested, regardless of charges or convictions


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All cats are beautiful.


I’ll bet they also offer all employees of a company notification when the corporation or any of its officers are suspected of anything wrong.



Lynch said it’s possible that employees could be fired for an arrest where they were exercising their First Amendment rights…

Let’s not fool ourselves. These are people who were arrested. Of course they’re guilty, and I don’t mean waving a picket sign. They’re bad hombres. The police said so.


What’s the price? Can you get bulk discounts? Can you set up a company online that registers people as employees so that when those employees get arrested the company gets a message and then distributes it to all the other members of that employees ‘team’. Asking for my next corporate team, which we’ve nicknamed ‘The bank robbers’ as part of our fun team-building exercise that we like to do.


It could definitely be a way for employers to weed out politically active employees.


Sounds like a TRUMPISM!


Cue the resulting lawsuits and civil suits which will inevitably follow…


… (with good reason, of course)…


I hear the ACLU is staffing up by 200, mostly lawyers. :thumbsup:


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