FBI warned of "war" on the Capitol day before attack

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have to contemplate on the exact meaning of “internal” warnings which are nonetheless “explicit”…

an FBI office in Virginia issued an explicit internal warning that extremists were preparing to travel to Washington to commit violence

(“simple! it’s a narrow definition of ‘explicit’. you’re not in the club, so it’s explicitly not for you! (from the Latin for ‘unobstructed’)”)


I hope that the incoming Congress is incensed enough to hold hearings and authorise a special investigator to look into all these “failures” to follow up against the terrorists. We’re well beyond the point of Chuck and Nancy’s standard response of stern letters.


Just means there was a lot of cursing involved.


They did with 9/11… but let’s see if the GOP will allow an investigation into some of their base.


Was the title of the report “Orange-bin-laden Determined To Attack Inside The United States”?


Finally, a statement I can get behind!


Correct me if I am mistaken, but with Dems in control, the right cannot really stop such investigations, can it? Certainly, the infinite investigations held by the Republican house were not done with any consideration of Democratic priorities.


The senate margin is razor thin. They can probably find ways gum up the works if they want. The Dems control the legislative agenda, but the GOP can still find a way to be obstructionist, and ensure it’s harder to get things done, and then we swing back because enough people have forgotten what they’ve done under Trump.


Guess we just have to keep reminding them of it. Let Turnip hang like a millstone around the GOP’s neck for the next generation, and maybe the one after that, and as long as necessary.


I think that’s going to be easier said than done, given that we still live in a world where they live by an entire different set of alternative facts that’s still being fed by right wing media. We can remind them, but if they’re not listening to the same media, it’s hardly going to get through.


That’s painfully true; we only have so many resources, so much reserve of sanity. Still, I’m hopeful we can pry them away from the right-sphere (hemisphere?) as well as refresh their memories as much as needed. Photo/video documentation from the riot is hard to deny, though, much as they’ve tried.

(Just two days ago my grandfather was complaining about dealing with the cable TV company and said he just needs one channel, Fox. I don’t have a segue into this, but I need to hang on to that “pry-away hope” part to not get completely depressed about this whole thing)


Losing an election has consequences. When you lose a war - those consequences are much more severe.


Not just them. Conservative Dems like Manchin are going to flex their power to stop progressive changes.


very much this. I’ve spent 40 years explaining to people who will listen how hideous reagan was. although george h.w. was a small improvement over reagan he was still pretty fucking awful and then the republicans selected george w who was even worse than reagan by almost any standard you might wish to consider. against obama they ran mccain and romney who were both around the level of george h.w., that is awful but not existentially disastrous. and now trump. as if the party were determined to elect someone so bad their election has proven to be nearly an extinction-level catastrophe and we see people around us arguing not simply that “trump hasn’t been that bad” but arguing that his electoral defeat is the catastrophe.

it’s already going into the memory hole and it is up to us, all of us, to prevent that.


The Guardian is reporting that the government of Luxembourg (pop. 626,000) has refused to meet US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo because of his (lack of) response to the Trump-instigated riots in Washington.

Likewise, the EU has blanked him - so Pompeo has cancelled his trip, presumably to spend more time with his self-fluffing Twitter videos.

The story will be on this page - sorry, exact articles on the Guardian live pages are nightmares to link to:


Well, except for the US Civil War. That was lost by the south, yet the consequences were minimal long-term. It took a lot of elections to reverse some of the damage, and a lot remains.

Hmm, maybe one could say they didn’t lose.


It’ll be interesting to see which side of the ever shifting “FBI are amazing/ FBI are evil” line the GOP falls on with this issue. And will they continue to lockstep? Or will some show signs of independent thought?


The news story here is that these suckups at the top would have the nerve to say it was a surprise. Not just some FBI internal memos. Bloggers were saying exactly what was going to happen many days before.


They warned those working for the FBI… but not you or me.