FCC proposes $5m fine for Jacob Wohl and crony over robocall lies

The FCC virtually never collects fines. They PROPOSE them, but they have little power to enforce their proposals. Big Telecomm has taken care of that. They write their own laws by buying congressmen, then they break those laws anyway, and fight in court until the FCC quits.

So I wouldn’t get too excited.


Hmm, I don’t imagine they have that kind of money, as their various scams were all so pathetic they surely haven’t been great fund-raisers. Gosh, how sad for them.

Honestly surprised it took this long, given his trajectory and his many, many crimes.

All the Ray Liotta laughs…


Or perhaps not.

Wohl is Jewish, and describes himself as a Zionist. He has co-hosted a podcast for Jewish Trump supporters with Laura Loomer.
Jacob Wohl - Wikipedia


Yep. It’s the same all over really. Corporations get laws written in such a way they almost never have to pay up, and they make sure enforcement activities are starved to the point the government has no choice but settle for peanuts. Laws that impact the rich are treated as “white collar” for a reason, despite the more grave damage they cause society. Yet a graffiti artist is far more likely to spend time in jail than a person like Wohl.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed though, maybe this time will be different. He can probably easily afford the $5 million though, given his daddy’s wealth. It still amounts to a slap on the wrist if he doesn’t go to prison.


$5 million for 1141 robo calls? I feel like a lot of things just don’t really add up, mostly the fact this is the largest robocall fine ever proposed.

I mean I get +3 robo calls a day on my cell. Currently we are on about how I owe the IRS and they are going to garnish wages or some nonsense. But the FCC isn’t a telecom company with the actual data to determine where and who is placing these calls. If they are all coming from a central place inside the US it makes it pretty easy to go charge someone. Given the fact that I’ve gotten calls from people asking why I called them (which I didn’t) and a lot of the robocalls have the same prefix as my number makes me think there are a lot of bots placing calls.


Yay, this is where the “law” is doing it’s most important work /s

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Yeah enough with the “proposing” and get with the DOING!!


Pessimistically i worry that $5milliion [insert dr evil avec pinky] might be easily rich republican donor’ed-away as operating costs …as one part of a vile anti democratic operation


Wouldn’t be the first, won’t be the last.

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I understand a lot of these get argued down to a very few pennies on the dollar. Wonder if the FAA fines will go the same route. Tout huge dollars to punish these violent flying jerks but collect pennies.
(As Dave Barry might say ““Violent Flying Jerks” would be a good name for a rock band”.)


It’s not just that they broke the law by placing annoying phone calls. It’s also that they knowingly broke election laws to wage a campaign of voter intimidation:

They are each charged with one count of intimidating voters, one count of conspiracy to commit an election law violation, one count of using a computer to commit the crime of intimidating voters and using a computer to commit the crime of conspiracy.

Attacking the very foundations of our democracy by trying to keep people away from the polls seems like something worthy of a big fine to me.


Not that I’m going to add anything useful to the discussion, but…




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