FDA adds new major food allergen to its list of regulated ingredients

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Wow. Another way for a Big Mac to kill you


“e-pen sesame?”


Kind of shocked it wasn’t on the list before. I’m told that it is particularly a problem and more prevalent in Asia than Europe but it’s in big black writing on ingredients here.

It’s a global world now, my Asian products tell me if they were packaged in a facility with gluten.




If about 1.6M Americans have a sesame allergy that’s about 0.49% of the US population. Which makes it a big deal in my eyes that the FDA decided to add Sesame as an allergen


This is good news, it’s been a recognised allergen in Europe for a while.

But why is an article about sesame illustrated with a picture of pine kernels?

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Today I learned that 1% of the US population is allergic to fish. This surprised me, because I don’t often hear people saying “I can’t eat that, I have a fish allergy.” Bits of fish, yes: a close relative is extremely allergic to fish roe. But I didn’t realize that allergy to fish in general was so widespread.

I guess it’s because you’re a little less likely to stumble on fish in your food by accident – as opposed to dairy or certain nuts, which find their way into everything. Less likely, but not guaranteed: the allergy sites list all kinds of places where fish may lie in wait for the unwary.

I guess there’s a reason why the airlines don’t offer “crunchy bass bits” or “salty salmon slivers” as their in-flight snack.

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Because shutterstock.


I guess alliums fall outside the top 8…


Mitch Hedberg: “What does a sesame seed grow into? I don’t know, we never give’em a chance. What the fuck, is a sesame?!?”

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