Feast your eyes on Handsome Jack and his new book


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Sounds cool. Does he describe any tricks/illusions involving ponies, perhaps made out of diamond?


Any relation to Gigolo Joe?


He looks better in video games:


I would’ve been WAY more excited if the book had been about that Jack. Think about it. Going from lowly coder to running the entire Hyperion Corporation! Of course, that’s not counting all the murders, enslaving his daughter and being a general bastard. Details.


I read somewhere that the pre-sequel was sort of about that, but I haven’t played it myself so I don’t know.
Speaking of, did you know that "The Sheriff"s real name is Nisha?


while he plays the violin


It kind of is, yeah. You don’t play as Jack, but you tag along for that part of his … career advancement.


I thought this book would be about Borderlands’ Handsome Jack (perhaps an egotastic autobiography about his rise to power), then found out it was about some male model about whom I care not one iota. Then I was sad.

To quote Moe Szyslak, “I’m more of a well-wisher, in that I don’t wish you any specific harm.” Good luck to Jack and his book.


In…E minor, I believe?


You can get the DLC character of Jack’s doppleganger in the Pre-Sequel. It’s a fun character to play. His random exclamations are entertaining, especially when he fails in his attempts to feign Jack’s confidence.

“I actually killed him? I mean, uh, ha-ha-huh I’m so cool.”

“I com… I completed a challenge? I mean, yeah, go me. Woo!”

“Oh hey, I’m awesome. How about that?”


That’s the Jack I know and loath.


It’s a bit hard to explain if you haven’t played, but the pre-sequel is essentially an extended flashback. The assassin Athena has been captured by the Vault Hunters from BL2 and during the game she tells the story of how Jack came to power. Each of the playable characters in the game is either a boss or side character from the previous game or DLC. The end of the game sets the stage for the beginning of BL2, hence the name pre-sequel.


Hmm, that’s…kind of interesting, but not enough to get me over my dislike of prequels.

I hope they make a borderlands 3 sooner rather than later, that world is fantastic and it really could do with some more expansion.
(And more work on the usual game issues)


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