Federal gov't doesn't trust TSA enough to inform it of airline employees with links to terrorism

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Now if they’ll just go the next logical step and disband the whole steaming pile of TSA.

Despite the stench, I’m not holding my breath…


hahahahahahaha !! ( cough ) heheheheh !! hahrhahrhahrh !! ( wipes eye leakage ) { repeats for hours with slight variations }


It helps to think of it as a jobs program, like the WPA. They don’t actually need any information at all as long as they keep wavin’ that wand.

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Nobody in government trusts anyone else in government. It’s really that simple.

I, uhhhh, I really need to know where this came from…


Enter the system. See how it works from the inside. Trust it appropriately.

My download folder… No idea where it is from.


That sounds like a pretty satisfactory answer in and of itself…so when can we anticipate the launch of crenquisdownloadfolder.biz? 'cause I’ve got some bookmarks that are getting cold.


I recently watched a couple episodes of “Carrier”. Most of it can be described as milporn, but there were a couple of WTF moments, such as the guy who volunteered for sexual assault counseling who ended up date-raping someone.

Anyway, the vast majority of the crew knew only enough to carry out their immediate duties. Refueling planes in the Sea of Japan is pretty much the same thing as refueling planes in the Persian Gulf.

Homeland Security was judged not to need to know…

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