Federal judge denies request by ex-Trump aide Manafort to dismiss charges in Mueller probe

I’m reminded of Ben Franklin’s quote: “A Republic, if you can keep it”. This tells me he suggested the idea that if someone like Trump got elected, it would be the voters’ own fault-one side for running him, and the other side for not running someone who could beat him. And for not voting.

And, since the voters put him in, they can take him out. Hopefully, the lesson of 2018 for 2020 will be, Trump will lose, and if you support Trump, you will lose.

Did his lawyers remember to put sugar on top?

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Another motion to dismiss? Or is this another story that took two weeks to bubble up on za boing? At this point, a motion to dismiss is just adorbs!

That’s a good lookin’ pancake. Someone knows what they’re doin’.


Obligatory reminder that a clear majority of the voters supported his opponent.


Time to make a deal, Paulie.



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Obligatory reminder that low voter turnout rates in the USA are the result of (i) the country being designed as a democracy-resistant plutocracy from the beginning, (ii) gerrymandering, (iii) bipartisan corruption and (iv) voter suppression and disenfranchisement.


There is another way, but even talking about it is grounds for a visit from the Secret Service.

Just saying. ::retires to bunker::

I think stepping back from the brink is more common than a Wiki search would indicate just because avoided catastrophe is harder to write an article about. I think you can consider the end of HUAC in the US a stepping back from the brink.

At the end of the day, that would still be just dealing with symptoms, but not doing anything about the disease.


You have a very good point, of course, but when I talk to people who don’t vote, they never blame gerrymandering or voter suppression. They say they are too busy or don’t care. I’m not saying your points don’t affect voting. I’m saying they are not the whole thing.

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In part, “too busy” and “don’t care” is just people being people. Folks ain’t perfect.

But it also has a lot to do with points (i) and (iii). If you want people to vote, give them something to vote for.

Consider what the last year has revealed about how America treats its underclass. How do you think a slogan like “America is already great” sounds to those people?

There is a third way that does not require bunkers:

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“part of me hopes they aren’t floating anyone because they know such a person would immediately face non-stop attacks until they somehow stick”

i think no one can be put forward until after the midterms ,because it would seriously distract from the job at hand - trying to flip at least part of Congress.

No, it isn’t.

This isn’t 2008, and Obama wasn’t that great even then.

Would it be helpful to have someone with Obama’s talent for oratory? Sure.

But the millenial left is not coming out for any sort of neoliberal corporatist, no matter how polished.

You need the non-voters. Non-voters are (i) disproportionately poor, (ii) disproportionately PoC and (iii) disproportionately young. Their politics are well to the left of both parties, and they value authenticity.

They will not tolerate a campaign based upon “America was already great”.


Erm, that looks more like wallowing in pessimism than reality-checks to me.

  1. Depends entirely on the composition of the Congress, and what Mueller reports. If the Dems take over the House in 2018, as seems entirely likely, they’ll be able to use the report to beat on Trump and the Republicans all the way to 2020. And if they actually can grab the control of the Senate, too, which is now possible if not especially likely, well, that’s a whole different ballgame.

  2. Never say never. Yes, at the moment the Republicans aren’t going to lift a finger to do anything about Trump, but depending on the results of the 2018 election, and what the investigation will turn out, that may change. Especially if they think they’ve already gotten everything they can from him (like the Supreme Court nomination to replace Kennedy), and if his unpopularity becomes an even bigger drag on them.

  3. Manafort is already facing state-level charges. He’s not going to be pardoned into freedom by Cheeto Benito.

Yes, exactly. They need something to vote for. I have never heard anyone say, “I’m going to vote because the country was designed as a democracy-resistant plutocracy from the beginning, doggone it!!”

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Right now, the Republicans are betting the house that they can win elections by sucking up to Trump. If we show them in November that they can’t, and they then view Trump as an obstacle to their elections, they will get rid of Trump. I view this election as one of the most important in my lifetime.


I guess they COULD, but it wouldn’t be very good strategy.

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