Federal judge rules that Tennessee's ban on drag shows is unconstitutional

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Judge: Read… my… lips. Sa-Shay A-way


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If it seems one of these is being struck down every week, remember that dozens of new laws likewise targeting gay and transgender people are being passed in Republican-controlled states.

This is another way in which the fascists are following Bannon’s advice to “flood the zone with sh*t”. Eventually they’ll get a friendly judge, or at least one who feels he can rule in their favour without becoming a laughingstock. After that, it’s just a question of convincing Roberts that it won’t hurt the interests of his beloved corporate “persons”.


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This is the really surprising part of this ruling. The “unconstitutional, overly vague, overly broad” is just par for the course for these asshats. Having someone I have to imagine they thought would sign off on it for them actually care about the constitution must have been a slap in the face.


I think it just shows how much they’re over-stepping, that even the people they think are loyal to their cause, that Trump installed in position of power, aren’t fully willing to go along with their bullshit attacks on the Constitution.


If you include laws restricting, but not outright banning, such care, it’s up to 22 states. Also, unfortunately, a different District Court judge blocked Tennessee’s gender affirming care ban, but the 6th Circuit overturned that decision and upheld the ban. I would not be surprised if they do the same here, although the Constitutional issues involved are different. So it’s fine to celebrate this decision, but it’s not a win yet.


Totally unrelated but I wish suits in gaudy colors were more in vogue. I actually dig the AI generated three piece plus half-cloak! :smiley:


There’s already a circuit split at the appeals court level (between the 6th and the 8th) so it’s just a matter of time now before SCOTUS takes it up. I honestly do not know how they’re going to rule.


Not enough of these completely discriminatory laws are getting blocked though…and that’s happening exactly where you’d think.

That said, of all the AI images BB uses, that Pence one is just so good.


And much like the Federalist Society was created to counter the American Bar Association, the fascists are busily creating fake doctors associations to have a friendly medical “authority” to endorse their bullshit medical ideas. So, a FedSoc judge can hear testimony from the “American Association of Pediatricians” “American College of Pediatricians” about how Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria is real, and be confident that’s the truth. Without realizing (or caring, tbh) that the “organization” is 9 people and that ROGD is just Michael Bailey’s latest effort to hurt trans people. While the American Academy of Pediatricians American Academy of Pediatrics has 60,000 doctors, and calls out Bailey’s quackery for what it is.

Edited to reflect docosc’s corrections below.


And while I’m thinking of him, let me just say “Fuck J. Micheal Bailey”. That asshat needs to get a hobby that doesn’t involve weaponizing his degree to hurt other people doing him no harm.


At the risk of being pedantic, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is the real deal, the American College of Pediatricians is the astroturf assholes. Along with “America’s Frontline Anything” these can be collectively regarded as trash. The history of ROGD and Dr. Lisa Littman’s atrocious research protocol should be well known by now, I won’t rehash it. It is an object lesson in how not to conduct research, although the fascists love it because of that very same reason.


No, please. Be pedantic and thank you. I was working from my memory. :+1:


i don’t understand the snowflakes that pass these bills. conservatives couch themselves as being so tough - with guns no less. however, they get their panties in a bunch at the thought of a child seeing a man dressed as a woman. they think it sexual.

i don’t think it is sexual. i guess it just isn’t my kink.

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It’s about imposing their views on the rest of us. They are fascists and want to oppress everyone who isn’t them.


And as seen countless times, they dressed up as a girl or whatever as a “joke” in the past and are, at least they claim, completely normal and didn’t hurt anyone. Why would someone else wanting to do it all the time because it makes them feel right be somehow wrong and hurt people?

Oh, I know why.