Federal judge rules that Tennessee's ban on drag shows is unconstitutional

I suspect the Republican legislators behind it are feeling a bit surprised, as they thought it was legally safe because the ban against “male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest” specified “prurient interest.” Their intent, of course, was for that bit to be ignored in practice and they drafted it in the knowledge that the law would be immediately weaponized against anyone remotely gender non-conforming in any context (that wasn’t a licensed “adult cabaret”). But that bit of plausible deniability in their intent doesn’t work when they’re so clear about their ultimate aims - everyone knows it’s not about kids seeing raunchy drag acts (that are already confined to adult audiences) but pure policing of gender norms that starts by targeting non-cis het people and likely ends up going after women wearing pants.

I’ve long held that really any kind of interesting/colorful men’s fashions in the US immediately get coded as “gay,” and homophobia ends up constraining men’s fashion choices.


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I partially disagree. We have a wider range of colors, some of them quite bright, in casualwear.

But the standard three-piece is virtually stuck (there have been slight adjustments to the profile here and there) in the style codified in the 50’s. It’s like at some point we decided that bussiness attire should be dark grey, marengo, egg white. If you’re feeling adventurous you can choose pinstripes or gasp a shade of blue!

And meanwhile I long over those african designers that are putting colorful textiles on formalwear and I wish we could import these trends…


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